The 13th Age

Onward to Boltstrike Pillar
Session One

The Elf Queen summoned three elves to do a task for her. She summoned on of her favorite bards, a high elf known as Dresden Blackstone who brought his friend and travelling companion Zanven a Dragonborn Cleric, a quick rising high elf wizard by the name of Tursier Klamkov, and a wood ranger named Neandri Longshot. On the way to the Pillar the party was set upon by a goblin ambush after dealing with the goblins the party discovered that the goblins were minions of the Diabolist.

Upon reaching the pillar the commander, a high elf wizard named Quellis, came down to greet the party and let them know that they were welcome to stay until the mace was ready to be taken back to the court. When the party told Quellis that they had been attacked by the goblins on the road she was very surprised since their divination spells laid around Boltstrike should have alerted them to any enemies in the area. She offered to quarter the party while they waited for the mace and for them to do some directed divinations to see if this was a lone raiding party or part of a larger force.

After a few hours Quellis returned and informed the party that they had found the larger force the ambush had been apart of and that it was camped out in an old ruin called Greenstand and that they had trapped it for just such occasions they just needed someone with some magic to go touch the ruins and utter the command word and it should clear the ruins of any threat to Boltstrike. Quellis asked the party to go to Greenstand to set off the wards there that way Boltstrike would have its full garrison to defend in case the attack came before someone could get to to Greenstand.

The party agreed to help and was directed to a hidden culvert that would let them get to Greenstand without being spotted by the force in the ruins. As they got close to the ruins they heard explosions and saw lights coming from the direction of the ruins. When they got there they discovered that someone else had set off the wards in the ruins and that the force of goblins and hobgoblins had been completely obliterated. They also discovered that a large dragon was part of the attack on Greenstand and that there were a number of bodies that were killed by the crude spears favored by lizardmen. The party decided to return to Boltstrike post haste.

As the got close to Boltstrike they saw flashes and explosions very similar to what they witnessed at Greenstand. Picking up their pace they rounded the final turn.Below them they saw what was causing the flashes and explosions. A blue dragon was flying around the top of the Pillar blasting away with is lightning breath. As they stood there the saw Quellis step out onto the top of the ruined tower and start blasting away at the dragon, one of her last spells connected with the base of the dragons wing and a second later when a gust of wind conjured by Quellis caught the wing it was ripped off causing the dragon to plummet to the ground and sending it into a rage.

Just as the party thought that maybe the day was saved one of the guards stepped up behind Quellis and caved in her scull with a mace. A moment later four lizardmen appeared on the top of the pillar with hostages. The party figuring something was up made it to the tower as the dragon raged just on the other side of the pillar destroying building and ripping apart the land around Boltstrike. The party fought there way up to the top of the Pillar to confront the traitor and a pair of Lizardmen Magicians. The party made quick work of the traitor, or at least they thought they did, until he morphed into some sort of dragon-man hybrid thing. With a little more effort the party was able to drive him off and finish the pair of Lizardmen Magicians and save the pair of hostages that were still alive. Below the Dragon raged on…


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